Friday, March 27, 2009

Guest Post / A Star in Saipan

S told me that she and her co-workers were on the front page of the Saipan Tribune the other day. I looked all over the Internets for a copy of it, but it's not up. There's a picture of her supervisor online, but the one that ran on Page 1 isn't anywhere to be found.

But later on, she said the bellman at her hotel brought a little girl to their room because she came to their hotel seeking an autograph. That's so cute!

We've been talking every day, but the time difference is 14 hours, so it is hard to coordinate. But she has told me she is having a great experience, there are wonderful things and hard things to learn and hear about. I think there is a lot of stuff crammed into her trip. A month seems long, but in a lot of ways, it's short too.

While I'm away this weekend, I don't think I'll be able to talk to her much. I have to be honest, the past 3 weeks have been kind of hard. I don't take care of myself or anything around me unless she's with me. When we first became friends, I went from a C and D college student to a B and C (and occasional A) student and even made Dean's List once - I think that's a 3.5 or higher for one semester. Some of you nerds may not be impressed, but I haven't traditionally gotten good grades. The weird thing is, it's not even like she was a good student either. I think because I could envision a future together, it made me smarten up and work harder.

Since S has been gone, I realized I've been drinking more beer and sleeping fewer hours, and have allowed our bills and mail to pile up without barely opening any. Our plants are dying, and I've piled a bunch of clean laundry on one side of our bed and a bunch of dirty laundry on the other, so I sleep wherever there is space, whether that is the bed or the couch - depending on the day.

Anyway, this is to say that I don't plan to update this blog for the rest of her trip. Just look forward to her coming back and posting pictures and stories from her travels! She says she has a lot to share, but no energy to update from the Pacific Ocean.

Sorry this was so unfunny and slightly later!


Anonymous said...

This blog reminds me of watching wife-swaps. Almost every episodes, the husband realized that they can't live without their wife. I always tell S that you guys are a perfect couple. I'm very happy for both of you guys...=)!!

Anonymous said...

Oops forgot to post my name. It's Ming BTW!!

Tanya said...

OMG, Sopheak...come home already! This reminds me of my wedding and Giles was so missing you during it!!!

And Giles...the GPA is impressive...coming from another student who only saw A's in my AA Studies classes!! ;o) Nice to know that the poor GPA is biting me in the a$$ trying to apply top-notched grad programs! Booooo.

pheak-pheak said...

so depressing to read. No wonder my sis checked up on you. I will be back soon.