Friday, March 13, 2009

Guest Post / Crafty & Drunk

another guest post from Grouchy G

with so much wine in the house. what should i do?

S is away. she would know what to do.

think man. think.

OH! i could try drinking some of it!

the weapon in the war against wine.

what of this cork?

i guess every bottle has one of these.

what can I do with these? oh...

laptop stands to keep them from overheating!


questinfinite said...

what a way to keep it on the diy tip.

(this post should be made into a comic strip)

eliaday said...

sopheak... come baaack! =)

giles said...

i would have taken pictures of myself making those laptop stands, but they took me 3 weeks and $38,000 to make and the process was too difficult.

eliaday - hahaha. i was thinking about ending every one of my entries like that!

Tanya said...

OMG....pu-hahahahahaha. Lordy, I shiver what life would be like here w/o me for Sean...nevermind, I know...2 kids & 2 dogs less. ;o)

giles said...

well considering Sean spends months at a time on a submarine without his family surrounded by dudes...who can be kinda racist...i'm sure when he's around you he'd like to keep it that way.

Tsukemonoki said...

Nice work with the camera. Especially those portraits of yourself... when is sopheak coming back?

giles said...

she'll be back in april. i should have about 11 laptop stands done by then. i am doing the prep work for another as we speak!

pheak-pheak said...

you are such a techy!