Tuesday, June 23, 2009

what a monstrosity!

From the time we first moved in, I've always known that I wanted a chandelier in the dining room. I was little embarrassed about liking such over the top (tacky) opulence that was why I was wavering. It took me almost 3 years to finally decide on it. All the blogs I saw on line and all the home decor magazines didn't like big crystal chandeliers.they even made fun of it. Finally I decided that I'm not going to care what the trend is. I’ve always wanted a chandelier...so I’m going to get it!

I get the love of ornate decorations from my mom. she watches a little too much thai movies! they all take place in a beautiful mansion!

When we got it in the mail, we were surprised that it weighed 60 lbs. G was nervous about hanging it from the ceiling. So before we put it up, he tied 60 lbs of weight plates to the ceiling. After a day, it didn’t fall out so we knew it was safe to put it up. Every little piece of the chandelier was separate. We thought it was going to come partly assembled but all the wires had to be attached and we have to be extra delicate because they're hand cut crystal.

When G connected all 18 lights he said what a MONSTROSITY!!