Tuesday, March 3, 2009


today is a really important day celebrating girls. girlhood. girl power. in japan.

it is a day for the household to put out dolls and celebrate the future happy life for their daughters.

i had the privilege of being invited to a party by my friend kallianne. it was hosted at her partner's parents' home - dr and mrs burns. also there was kenny and his sister amelia, and our other friend sabrina. i met some talented artists and ate some wonderful food. G would have come with me, but we thought the party was only for girls! after seeing the food, he was sooo jealous! LOL! he just ate a burrito for dinner.

here is the pictures. i don't need to talk no mo.


questinfinite said...

what a feast!
we need a girl power holiday started in the states!
(i guess that's every day, but we don't have a spread or display like that!!!)

Kallianne said...

after i got home last nite, i went through my archives from hinamatsuri parties from 2008 and 2007. indeed, as each year progressed, we girls wore less kimonos, the attendee list grew and the food shrank. maybe next year, mrs. burns will let me help her cook some of the dishes. last year there were two punch bowls. one was spiked with alcohol and of course was the more popular one.:) thanks for coming and next year, giles will be invited too! have fun in japan!!!!! love, kallianne (btw, i have two ns in my name:)

Amelia said...

it was great to see you :)
a few years ago i was in kyoto for hinamatsuri and i got to see a very rare set of ohinasama dolls... one of only 2 in the world (the other belonging to the imperial household!). very cool. lots of explanation about symbolism, etc. i hope you have a *great* trip! say "hi" to the mother country for me :)


Anonymous said...

Referring to me as Kallianne's "partner" is..interesting. Isn't that term usually used in same-sex couples (which we are not)?


pheak-pheak said...

T, yes we do need to get a girl-power holiday started in the states!! When i get back, we'll get it started...with a spread..but maybe not as nice as that!

Kalli, i looked at my previous blog and I spelled your name wrong each time. sorry!