Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Guest Post / The Legendary 4 Onion Cha

hi readers! every now and then I'll be featuring entries from guest bloggers.

today is my first guest post from my husband, also known as Grouchy G. (everyone seems to love that new nickname for him. except him!) since i'm away for 4 weeks, he'll be handling updating duties for me. don't mess up honey!

a few weeks ago, i had a dream in which i invented a new dish called "Four Onion Cha" - with onions, leeks, scallions, and shallots all fried together with pork. I couldn't stop thinking about it and so on S's last weekend here before her trip, I brought that dream into reality.

I'm lazy, so here is a very poor rendition of that recipe in pictures. It tasted better than I dreamed it to taste! word!

you all know how to stirfry with a wok, so do this:

sweat this much scallions:

add this much leeks:

throw a little bit of sugar and dark soy in there. when the leeks start to kinda wilt on the edges, throw this much onions:

and this much shallots:

more dark soy, more sugar and a healthy dose of regular (light) soy. remove all that vegetables to a dish, add several cloves of crushed garlic (more oil if you need of coruse) then this much pork:

that should have been marinated for at least 30 mins in wine, dark soy, sugar, corn starch, and crushed garlic.

then hit it with a cornstarch/water mixture. once that thickens, drizzle the sesame oil. toss it a couple times, turn off the heat and lay out that pork and sauce on top of the 4 onions.

holla. eat with chili oil and beer. that picture looks less good than it tasted.


Tsukemonoki said...

What is "Cha" supposed to mean?

emperor of sultans said...

"cha" is khmer for "fry" - so in our house, that's what we call it. we also refer to soup as "srlaw" and rice as "bai."

Tanya said...

Not too shabby, Emperor! If we move up there, you need to teach Sean to cook.

giles said...

i'm so excited for you guys to move here T!

questinfinite said...

you guys should have a cooking show on food network, and it should be called "legendary cha"

or cooking with wine.

questinfinite said...

wine +cheeze!!! wine + cheeze!!!
(or whine +cheese, whine +cheese!!!)

can you guys make video blogs of cooking stuff and post it?? you can be internet starts!!!

(yeah, i'm totally making blog requests. sorry!)

giles said...

it would be like "how to boil water" when tlyer florence had that sidekick who wasn't funny and didn't know how to cook. that would be me. haha, almost every time she cooks, i feel like BFG, all up in her space trying to be helpful but messing everything up.

S wanted us to try out for the food network open casting call, but i kinda thought we dind't have a chance. because everybody on the food network - except the neelys, alton brown, and bobby flay (where'd robert irvine go?) - has the personality of wood. rachel ray, giada, danny boom, paula deen, guy fierre and cindy mccain.