Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rock'n tacos

Over the weekend we went to our friends-Dr. Khem and T Fresh's house for Rock'n Tacos. Giles aka Liziest dressed up as his ex favorite rapper-Common, and I aka Tek-niq was dressed up as Lady Kier of dee-lite. Before heading to the dinner party, we stopped by our neighborhood liquor store to pick up Dos equis and Modela Especial de Mexico to go with the theme of the night.

Rock'n taco night started with tacos and the rock'n came later. Sophea and Theresa made the best tacos i've ever had. The host threw both soft and hardshell on the table. Some choices were seared tuna, fried tilapia, ground beef, and steak.

While every thing was delicious, I thought the steak was bananas- it was done to perfection-rare and juicy the way I like it. At the end of dinner, sophea busted out his mom's tuk prahok: a pungent fermented fish sauce with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and a splash of lime. Cambodians eat this sauce with steak and veggies. Prahok is used to determine if you are Khmer. If you don't like Prahok-you ain't Khmer. If you are not Khmer and you like Prahok-you're an ally. Hahaha! He should't have taken it out because we killed the sauce and steak. The cutest person sitting at the table was Tae. She concentrated really hard making cheese taco.

After stuffing our face with tacos, we went on to playing rockband. Some lead singers were Delia, Eugene, Theresa, Giles and Sophea. Tae and I took turn playing the bass. Victor and Hsindy showed up towards the end of the night. They made it just in time for Sophea's homemade Flan.

Thanks Theresa and Sophea for a fun night. That was our 2nd SUPPER CLUB meeting. Delia and Tae are next!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thoughts on décor

I love home design. I work for a non-profit working to end violence against women in communities of color. Work is so serious therefore I like to spend time on things that are not that serious, such as home design. I often daydream about my wants and needs for our little nest. I am not really interested in defining my style…it’s not consistent nor can it be categorized…it just is what it is. My style is not unique but it’s special to me. Sometimes I feel that people try so hard to be unique that it only becomes all about that.

I visit on a daily basis. I find it inspirational to see real people’s home and how they actually live. One of the reasons why I am an avid reader of apartmenttherapy is because people’s homes are not perfect-it’s not something you see in a catalogue. But I can’t stand many people’s attitude. When people start to emphasize the importance of “live in” it get’s so annoying. On apartmentthrapy, people will send photos of their homes for feedback from other readers. When a home especially looks neat and clean, many readers will complain that the home does not look “lived in” or that it’s “predictable.” A design snob’s mentality. Sorry, but I actually think that thrift store finds and Anthropologie is a fad. Yeah, I shop at those places, and I realize that enough people shop there that it does not make me unique or special.

My man and I drew a tree in our living room. It’s a project that we wanted to do together. We did it not because it’s so stylish or the artwork is so dope. We did it because we get to spend time together, support each other’s work. Some people like to present themselves based on the artwork they have on the walls, but we wanted to present ourselves through the artwork we created. It’s not about creating the best art, it’s about having fun, and doing what pleases us. It’s not about the presentation but the process that we get to engage in when creating art together. For me, that is what home décor is about. Do things that I find beautiful, practical, whatever it is that makes me comfortable. It's not about breaking new ground or proving a point. IT AIN’T THAT DEEP… oh btw, guess which bird is me?