Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Eating my way through Japan, Guam, Saipan, Japan (again), American Samoa

I was gonna put captions for each photo to tell you what it is, but i think the photos looks beautiful as is!

leave a comment if you have questions.

and then I ate this buffalo


Tanya said...

Mmmmmmmm!!! The buffalo comment had me cracking're so twisted! ;o)

Anonymous said...

welcome back sista!!

wow, what a culinary experience, and yeah are brave to get on that buffalo!

sham said...

these are awesome pictures! it all looks so delicious. glad you are back!

questinfinite said...

i am so envious!! that food looks amazing!!!!!
so glad you returned safely.

can't wait to hear about the trip!!

let's dinner soon.

B Koy said...

wowwow im so hungry....and out of curiosity - in that one picture - is that Japan's menu -- displaying their dishes with the price? Do you go and pick that up or those are like display-dishes?

and man that one dish that looks like a plate of cut grapefruit flesh....yummy!

pheak-pheak said...

BK,yeah, every restaurant in Japan has a display of food, so it was really easy to choose..especially for those who didn't speak the language like me. Oh the picture that looks like grapefruit is poke (raw marinated tuna) yummy!!

Anonymous said...

You're making me very HUNGRY Sopheak looking at all the pics. They all look so yummy!! Especially the crepes. Everything looks so fresh. I miss H/K's food. Not that I can't eat though, my eyes are always a lot bigger than my stomach. The buffalo pic is hilarious.


Les T. said...

Lady I wanna know what everything is! Thanks for sharing :D

pheak-pheak said...

hi Les, from left to right

1st picture is me eating squid poke,
2 fatty tuna sashimi
3 strawberry ice cream crepe
4 Mentaiko pasta (pollock roe)
5 Mont blanc at starbucks
6 Assorted sashimi
7 Seafood Paella (japanese style)
8 Mont Blanc parfait (I couldnt get enough and this one had flan at the bottom)

9 Double happiness fish in Guam
10 milk fish, flattened fried eddgplant in egg batter and spam fried rice (can you believe this was at denny's?)
11 grilled prawns and kalbi
12 Milk fish and rice
13 Green mango (mango was not yet in season..but i like them green anyway)
14 tocdohkoh in Khmer which translates to milk fruit, but Guamanians calls it Filipino apples
15 Guyabano fruit
16 Jack fruit (I love this fruit..but it smells hella strong)
17 grilled prawns
18 tuna poke
19 oysters
20 spicy baby octupus salad
21 shrimp cocktail (as you can see people like to eat shrimp in their natural form, always with the head)

22 Filipino grilled squid
23 papaya & papaya
24 Assorted fish (all the fish I ate in the Pacifics were colorful)
25 Stir fry squid
26 I dont remember what this was but I am sure it was yummy
27 Taro ice cream and fresh papaya (this was sooo good!)
28 Scallop sushi
29 grean tea and lemon grass stick used as a stir

Narita Airport (layover was 12 hours, nothing else to do but eat)
30 just an example of what dining is like in japan. Too many options
31 Bento box which included sushi, soup, sobe noodles and lots more
32 Black sessame seed ice cream
33 Tom Yum Noodles

American Samoa (at this point i was tired of taking pictures..but samoa also had really good food)

34 Samoan Pankekes
35 Grilled parrot fish and turkey tail (turkey tail is a delicacy here. The tails get sent to american samoa, and the other parts go somewhere else)
36 Samoan ice cream (There is only one place on the entire island to get Samoan ice cream. It's in a little gas station in town. this ice cream has been around for over 30 years. I love gelato..but this was so much better. Did i mention that it's only 80 cents a scoop? The price must have stayed the same from 30 years ago)