Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dumpling party

A few weeks ago, Eugene hosted his Supper Club installment at Delia's house. (Does that count? JK! He has a cat, and some members of the Supper Club is allergic.)

He hosted a Dumpling Party, where it took a community effort to make dinner. There was a rolling station and a wrapping station. It's a wonderful idea! Here are some pictures:

Here is G rolling some wrappers - or is he playing cricket?

What so funny?

The host Eugene. I couldn't remember his name, but then I read his apron!

Here I am helping to make them...

and helping to eat them! I was the first one to get to taste, and they were yummy!

T & T at their table. (look how big the grown-ups table is on the right!)

Eugene getting ready to play cards.

My husband losing a lot of money. (JK! But it sure looks like it!)

Playing Boggle and looking cute

Giving the side-eye to my husband. I think he tried to say UHS was a word...the plural of "uh". Uhh, I think it's not a real word honey!


Mr Lee said...

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Tsukemonoki said...

Thanks for coming and taking photos!

Tanya said...