Tuesday, February 9, 2010

you're just being shelfish

Shelf-ish. Get it?

We forgot to take a "before" picture of our empty babies closet. But all these shelves (except the top white one) are brand new. Originally, I was just gonna put 3 shelves up and call it a day, but S nixed that.

She said she wanted the shelving to be dynamic, and came up with this layout plan: four foot-high shelves on the right, two extra large shelves in the middle, and a ladder leading down to the floor on the far left with shelves of varying sizes.

As usual, S was the lead designer and I was the lead engineer. She had a great vision to make it as functional as possible. I was a little concerned about there being too many shelves, which would make it too crowded in there. Turns out it's perfect as usual.


sham said...

WOW! looks great! and those little shoes are absolutely adorable!

Tanya said...

Love it!!! Y'all need your own DIY show.

Now...don't go into labor during this blizzard!!!

Kay said...

good job on the closet, i love a well organized closet, people forget about the unseen parts of a room, but it is so important for functionality and the ocd in me that the closets, get just as much attention to detail as everything else. i even have gone as far as to have steve paint the inside of the closet. also cus i hate to waste the many quarts of paint that we buy to test out colors hehehe