Wednesday, February 24, 2010

fruit, dessert, and chai

last weekend, we went to H Mart with G's parents. it's pretty far away, but it's fun. even though it's a korean market, it feels like there might be more chinese people than koreans there! also a lot of cambodians too.

now that i'm getting to the end of my pregnancy, i have been craving sushi! i am sooo ready to binge at Minados once they're born! but i've been craving other things too like durian. they had some at H Mart so we bought it. it was so yummy, i was really in the mood for it. some annoying guy was laughing about how bad durian smells to his girlfriend when they were walking by, but i think if you think it smell bad, you probably got bad taste!

G was too lazy to eat it because he doesn't like the way the stickiness feels on his fingers so i got to eat almost the whole thing, thanks honey!

then the next day, we went to Russo's and bought this napoleon tart. So yummy! of course G didn't have a problem eating this one.

To go along with the dessert, we made some chai based on Sham's secret recipe. she sent this whole package for my birthday, but being the kind of person i am, i couldn't wait for my birthday! here are some chai making supplies: tea, cinnamon, cardamom, and lots of love.

It was a very yummy weekend for us! 


Tanya said... grandfather loves himself some stinky fruit! ;o) I'm glad G was so kind to let you have the whole thing. Chai...mmmmmmmm. Sham, I need that recipe!! ;o)

Hope the babies don't come out during the bad weather...and if they do, BE SAFE!!!!

pheak-pheak said...

Thanks t!! the babies are scheduled to be induced tomorrow..but thank goodness the weather is not so bad. Just rain.

grouchy G said...

yeah durian is tasty but so sticky. i have a similar aversion to crab - it takes too long to crack the shell so i just don't eat it.

sham said...

happy birthday, sopheak! congratulations on the twins! abundant blessings and light to your family. Wishing you a beautiful first birthday as a mother. have a great day! xoxo, sham