Thursday, February 4, 2010

reupholstering fever!

This is a chair from G's childhood. When we first moved in, G was thinking about throwing it away because it was so tore up, but I thought is has a beautiful shape and wanted to hold on to it. I saw potential in the chair and also I don't like to throw things out from his childhood. I knew that someday I want to do something with it and since we're working on the nursery, it was a great opportunity for another challenge.

we spent an afternoon at jo-ann's and picked out this fabric to reupholster it. but we needed 6 yards, and they only had 4! we were already thinking about going to the joanns in natick until my husband came up with the idea of using white fabric in areas that are hidden from view. so instead of driving all the way to natick, we just bought a little more plain white upholstery fabric.

So we started to take the whole thing apart! Here's G trying to figure out what pieces can be cut out of what part of our two different fabrics. he's good at geometry.

This is a lot of the materials laid out on the floor. it was a mess all week!
After the pieces were cut, I sewed them together.

Our new best friend: a staple gun

I didn't know he was taking pictures or else i would have wore something instead of a bathrobe! i'm using his patriots hammer to put the arm together.

It's starting to look like a chair again...

G says he never thought about how furniture was put together before this.

Revealing some of the white fabric we're keeping hidden.

close-up view

Now I just want to reupholster everything in the house! next project will probably be our media room sofa...another piece from G's childhood. probably even before he was born...even before people started to talk about "clean lines"!


questinfinite said...

gorgeous!! it's the second generation of that chair. it can now have a hyphenated and sometimes confused identity.

sopheak, it's kinda g that you're hammering in a bathrobe and 8+ months preggers!

pheak-pheak said...

hahaha...thanks T. This is my last project before I go into labor. I was afraid that it would be left unfinished and the house is a mess. So glad that it's done.

Tanya said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! I have three large sofas over here for y'all. C'mon down! I'll watch the babies...and the kids'll help me!!! ;o)

Now, go enjoy what time you have let to REST!!!!!!!!

Tsukemonoki said...

Beautiful work once again!

sham said...

amazing!! beautiful choice of fabric. your kids are gonna love this chair. it will mean a lot to them some day. you both are a great team!!

Tanya said...

I second what Sham said!!