Friday, December 12, 2008

diy menu

this is another project from a while back.

G and I work as creative co-directors for my brothers thai restaurant. last year, we repainted the whole interior with the help of my cousin kunthea in one night using three colors. customers who came in friday or saturday, then came back in on monday were shocked! but we forgot to take pictures of how bad it looked before we painted!

so anyway, this post isn't about that, it's about a more recent project: the menus.

my brother soden who is the owner of the restaurant was going to order new menus because his old ones were so shitty. but it costed like $700 for 25 menus! i thought i heard it wrong, but i confirmed with him that this is actually the cost! so being the frugal person i am, i volunteered the tek-li factory to produce new menus - and he would only have to pay for materials. no labor, what a deal!

I knew I wanted to work with bamboo. it has that raw organic feeling that them folks like. That's just the demographics of our customers.

we found some bamboo place mats, and used them as covers for the menus. but the place mats were too floppy, so i went to broadleaf studios, owned by theresa and sophea for some advice. When I got there, I met with both consultants. They helped solidify a concept. Not only did they helped find a solution to make the place mats stiff by using chipboard, but also recommended using photo corners so that the menu could be easily updated. Thanks Theresa and Sophea for all your help!!

Even though most of the materials were inexpensive, i did not cut corners on paper. I bought exotic paper from the Paper Source for the inside covers. I used different papers so that customers could feel that they're handmade and not all the same.

Giles did the most important piece: he wrote the introduction and rewrote the menu, and formatted it all.

it took a really long time to get them done. but we made 40 menus for less than $300. Our customers thought they were dope! Some even wanted to keep the menu after placing an order so that they can take time to read through. It's good to know that our hard work was appreciated.


Tanya said...

Great Job, Tek-Li Inc. ;o)

Tsukemonoki said...

Tek-Li Inc. and BroadLeaf Studios!? Damn. But those are sweet menus. What font did that Typographer Li use?

pheak-pheak said...

thanks y'all! If you ever some through CT, come visit Viengthong thai cuisine. Tell them you're a friend of sopheak and giles and they'll take care of you.

giles said...

it's felix titling, with additional kearning, possibly additional tracking as well. i don't remember.

i used a regular demibold garamond for non-menu items.

questinfinite said...

heh heh "met with both consultants"
you make us sound so legit!!

but the menus were absolutely beautiful!!!

we really are going to make a trip down to the restaturant (and the woods!) one day.

Emily L said...

LOVE your blog! BEAUTIFUL menus by beautiful people- i want to seriously go to that restaurant! keep on keepin' on, sistahfriend. :-)