Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taste Test: Domino's New Pizza

I know you don't care about this and really want to read about the baby shower...but we don't have pics of it yet. So keep checking back...

You may have seen the new Domino's Pizza ad campaign about how their pizza sucks, and that motivated them to redo their pizza and make it better. If you haven't heard about this campaign, check out the "documentary" here...

Now that we're all caught up, S and I decided to order the new pizza and test out their new claims of betterness.

They're offering two (or more) medium two-topping pizzas for $5.99 each, so we got one with pineapple and ham and the other with roasted red peppers and mushrooms. (Yo, Domino's has roasted red peppers?)

According to S
First of all, I always liked Domino's Pizza, so I don't even know why they need to change they ingredient. That was what i was eating in college, though I must say, I might not have good taste then, and my taste might have become a little more sophisticated as I got older.

This pizza, I think the cheese was really good. The sauce was good - a little on the sweet side.

What I didn't like was the crust. I don't like crust that is too thick and bready. It is also a little too buttery for me. I think I like the old crust better, but I definitely like the cheese and the sauce more on this one.

I'll give it 3 1/2 stars for taste, but because of the price, I'll give it 4!

According to G

I never liked Domino's Pizza. I thought it tasted a lot better the next morning when it was cold, so the taste wasn't as strong. But I'm also a sucker for advertising, so I was pretty excited to try the new recipe.

Dude...NOT disappointed! The sauce actually tasted like tomatoes - canned, but that's the standard for pizza around here. The cheese was mostly mozzerella, which is also standard, but slightly sharper because of I guess the provolone. The crust was definitely better tasting than the old crust, but s is right that it's too chewy. Also too much garlic salt and butter.

Toppings were surprisingly fresh! I would actually eat this again tomorrow...which I probably will for breakfast.


questinfinite said...

yes, want to read about the baby shower!

interesting your photos make domino's look like real "food".

alas, domino's will forever for an accompaniment for beer and good times- when it's less about the food but more about full stomaches. i may consider domino's after this post- but only b/c real pizza is non-existent here.

Shamwow said...

looking forward to reading about the baby shower!

we haven't tried the new dominos pizza yet-- but your pictures make the pizza look pretty tasty!

question for S and G: is this pizza better than papa johns?

grouchy G said...

Don't be mistaken..improved Domino's still doesn't qualify as "real pizza."

I still don't think better than Papa John's, but the gap has been closed significantly...

pheak-pheak said...

shamwow, i like papajohn's a little better. The crust for the new improved dom. didn't really do it for me.