Thursday, December 10, 2009

tutorial: bootleg gumdrop pillow

i've been sweating this pillow for a long time, but i could never figure out how to make it. i surfed all over the internet for the bootleg version. i even borrowed amy butler's books from the library, but i couldn't find the right pattern for this pillow. just when i was about to give in and buy the pattern for the pillow...which only cost $11.99 anyway, i found a DIY tutorial for a "Moroccan pouf" online. i think it's kinda funny that it doesn't mention Amy Butler at all, when it's almost exactly her pattern, just a couple inches different in size.

When i saw it, it looked so similar to Amy Butler's pouf, that I asked G to reverse engineer and figure out how to change the free bootleg pattern to be more the right size of the amy butler version. that way it looks even more like the original one that i liked in the first place.

BTW, i did support amy butler herself by buying her fabric. a lot of the babys room is going to be done using her fabrics. but the reason i didn't want to buy the pattern is both me & G don't like paying money for ideas. Ideas should be free and we should share them freely!

Here is our process step by step.

First, cut out 8 pieces of fabric in this shape. The design we chose had some regular features, so we tried to make each piece identical. we could have been a little more random, but I wanted the uniform look.

Sew them together like this in pairs, also sew the diagonal edges together but not all the way to leave space to stuff it later. Then sew the pairs together until you have the outer casing of the pillow.


Then start stuffing with whatever kind of stuffing you got. I used polyester fiberfil, although amy butler suggests using some natural stuffing that would cost $100 just for the filling!

It's a convenient time capsule too. We're going to let our kids open it when they turn 21. So we also put in a bottle of gin...

...a Bruce Lee DVD in honor of their dad's favorite guy...

...and a Justin Timberlake bobblehead given to me by Auntie kay.

Next, make a cover for that hole. It could be any shape, we chose something like an octagon.

We're going to make another one for the nursery.


Tanya said...

OOOOOOOHHHHHHH...I LOVE IT!!!! I want to do that for these two. Mind sewing machine has been sitting on our dining room table now for 2+ months...hahahaha. Sean's getting sick of seeing all my crap out and the dust collecting on top! ;o)

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Kay said...

hahaha i love the pillow fabric, its very chic and pretty, i can't believe you stuck JT in there, it made me chuckle.

questinfinite said...

love it!
i also love the fact that you have saving money as a tag...
that's right! beautiful and cost-effective. that's how good design should be!
miss you two!
hope everything is going well!

Sham-e-Ali said...

that is beautiful! i love the fabric!

Tsukemonoki said...

Wow, what a great idea. Love the time capsule idea too. Beautiful.

charleskim said...

awesome. really awesome.

Anonymous said...

seriously? a glass bottle containing flammable liquid inside? excellent. why not sell the gin and buy the actual pattern if you love amy so much.

grouchy G said...

@Anonymous (great name BTW)

No. Not seriously. It's a joke - who would put a bottle of gin in a pillow?

I think the sentence:

Ideas should be free and we should share them freely

answers your question.

Anonymous said...

How about some dimensions on the pieces?

Michelle - Book Reviewer said...

beautiful! I also would love to know the dimensions of the final pillow and the length of each strip?

Wanna share and save us some time?

kimberly said...

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jesse elizabeth hunter said...

The time capsule idea is so perfect--What a cool gift idea as well!

Thanks for putting this free template out there in the world.

jesse elizabeth hunter said...

I'd also really love to know the dimensions you used.

That would help and I could start my own!

Nyree said...

You are my hero.

Anonymous said...

Hellooo there =)

I've been looking this patern for ages!! Can you please tell us the dimensions?

"Ideas should be free and we should share them freely"