Tuesday, February 10, 2009

City Pooping

The first time I went to Cambodia was when I was 14. I had many new experiences. One of them was the 1st time going to the bathroom outside. In the country, when you "drop the kids off at the pool" you find a secluded place by a mango tree and dig a hole. My little cousin dug a hole for me and I couldn't even aim in the hole. That was when I realized that i much prefer to go to the bathroom in the city instead of the country!

Our latest DIY is our guest bathroom. I forgot to take a before picture so there is nothing to compare the after to.

My husband is a proud Bostonian. I wanted to give him a room that reflects a Boston theme. Since the Red Sox and Paul Revere is out of the question I decided to paint a silhouette of the city of Boston. His favorite room to spend time in is the bathroom so I decided to chose this room as our next DIY project. I proposed the idea to G, and he liked it. Like most projects, I come up with the idea, and he helps to make it happen.

I took a picture of the city skyline and and G photo shopped it. We made a stencil out of the picture. We spray mounted the stencil to the wall and painted over with a custom gray that was specifically mixed for us from Benjamin Moore. We painted the walls and ceiling to get the dark moody atmosphere.

To complete the urban look, we purchased the marimekko hetkia shower curtain-a simple black and white line drawing of people walking on the street.

giles is very pleased that the room he is guaranteed to go everyday is dedicated to him.


questinfinite said...

LoL! the title of this post hooked me in!
i love how you bring a story about your childhood back into a diy project!!!
can't wait to see the bathroom in person!!!

Tsukemonoki said...

Fancy. That bathroom looks really cool. I'm also looking forward to pee-ing in the real thing... I mean peeping the real thing.

Tanya said...

Ooh la la...vurry nice!! Great job!

sochan said...

Hey, my house is screaming for TLC..when is your next vacation? lol

Hsin said...

I really like the effect of the shower curtain with the stencil! Good job!

tvu said...

that skyline stencil is amazing. i know which bathroom to vigorously wash my hands in next time i visit.