Wednesday, April 30, 2008

grown up party

Wow!! I can't believe it took me two months to put up my 2nd post. I hope to be better at updating this blog so please come visit me again.

Well, we transitioned from winter to spring into high fashion. Last month me and my boo hosted a swanky soiree with 20 of our closest friends.

Of course a soiree is not only about food but elegance and ambiance. We changed our lights to 25 watt, lit candles played music to set the tone for a cozy romantic atmosphere. Our friends indulged in an evening of fancy food, drinks and good conversation. After dinner, G surprised me with a strawberry grand marnier birthday cake from Konditer Meister..the best bakery in boston...probably one of the best in the country (that's what i heard). After dinner, we proceeded on to ROCKBAND and poker! we finished the night with an orgy..(j/k).

I've always wanted to host a midtown cocktail party of attractive people in their elegant clothes sipping on know the kind of shit you see when you flip through a bo concept catalogue. But instead of yuppies in their late twenties... with our friends who are much more attractive and cool. Though the party had a swanky feel...those that know us know that were not pretentious but ganstalicious...that's just how we roll.

Here are some photos and the night's menu.

Amuse Bouche
government cheese & fancy crackers
hummus & dipping things
dragon & elephant platter

upper cut punch
bitter lady

salmon tartare

abalone soup

clementine sorbet

Main Course
basil eggplant seafood

duck confit curry

star anise roasted pork

vegetarian Burmese noodles



emperor of sultans said...

reading your post is almost a fun as being there!

i wish the photos could really convey the --liciousness

Kay said...

damn gurrl...ghetto fab indeed. i love the menu and pics to boot =)

Tsukemonoki said...

That was the most amazing dinner party I have ever attended. Evar. Period. I can still taste the salmon tartar appetizer. Smack. Smack.